Dressage sets the limits, rails set the heights, ambition sets the mind, and four legs set the stride! Ride on!


*Due to the safety and health of our horses all students riding school horses provided by Pondalucea Stables must meet our weight and height limits to ensure safety of both horse and rider.

* At this time we currenty have a maximum rider weight of 165lbs and maximum height of 5ft 10inches. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause. Please check back as our school horses maximum capabilites may change depending upon school horse availability.

30min $35

Buy a package of 30 min lessons. 5 for $150 savings of $25

1hr $60

Buy a package 1 hour lessons. 5 for $265 savings of $35

For First time students ONLY, 12-1 hour lessons for $550 savings of $170 This package is only allowed 1 time for all new students at PLS.


*All riders taking lessons on a Pondalucea school horse are required to take at least 1 hour private riding lesson if you are new to Pondalucea Stables. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is to ensure the safety of the horse and rider before continuing on to half hour lessons.

Lessons are offered to the public. We have many differential lesson horses available for most skill levels geared toward English style disciplines. Western riding is available, just ask! Lessons for ages 5 and up. Helmets are required by the fourth ride, riding boots required at the start of your lesson.

All lessons need to be paid for in advance.

24hr notice required for all cancelled lessons. If lesson is cancelled the day of, a lesson fee of $15 will be owed for the cancelled lesson.

Students will learn basics of riding, horse care/handling, proper horse bio-mechanics, and overall life skills.

Pls has been the starting  point for some very outstanding young equestrians and current trainers. Including but not limited too: Jackie Erickson with holly would eventing, Jessica Salzman former trainer of lazy m, mackenna Shea current eventer, Krystal dilley owner of the red horse farm, Lynne Garton founder of PLS, Madison Mitchell with MGM equine, Sam Kazak with the red horse farm, Laura Pauls trainer, Heidi Heishman, and many riders currently learning and growing in the equestrian world.

We are proud starting point for many, and continue to be a great starting place for children and adults alike :)
Start today it's never to late to live your dreams! 


Certified Instructor and Trainer: Amber Luce

Riding is a life long journey.  It takes years to progress a horse properly and it takes decades to learn how to ride effectively in all circumstances. If you are determined to follow your passion and feel from all aspects of life, you will be a great equestrian!

My name is Amber Luce, and I live my dream. I am so blessed to be able to share my knowledge with all who would like to learn.

I have worked for and been influenced by many different trainers and instructors, ridden with some of the worlds greatest riders, and attended clinics with the following: Gale Lampe, Jennifer Smith of Marshland Equestrain Center, Jennifer Smith of Luce Reins Stables, Laura Ward, Karen Pautz, David O-Connor, Caryn Bronowski, Kristal Dilley, Sophie Poschin, Donna Anderson, April Brock, Tammy Masters, Jonathan Elliot, Jim Briggs, Vivian Schmitd, and Jon Ensign to name a few.  I have always strived to learn as much as I can from each person that I meet in the horse industry. Education never stops.

I have been a part of the Equine Science major at William Woods University where I rode Saddle Seat and Dressage.  I have graduated with my Riding Master III from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center, where I rode Hunter/Jumpers and Dressage.  I have successfully trained and competed in Western Pleasure, 3-day Eventing, Saddle Seat, Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers and have experience with Reining.  I teach to all disciplines, and I have ridden all disciplines.  My knowledge theory and background have proven to be universal no matter what type of horse or discipline my students or I choose to ride.  I teach equestrians to ride effectively and confidently which produces finessed harmony between horse and rider.

Amber Luce
(253) 332-5640